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Meaningful impact on the healthcare landscape of Bangladesh

Exporting medical devices and accessories from Bangladesh can be a complex but rewarding process.


Together we serve for wellbeing

Working closely with local experts and staying compliant with DGDA guidelines is essential for a successful and ethical business operation in this sector. Always seek legal and professional advice to ensure compliance with the latest regulations and standards.

We pride ourselves on a streamlined and efficient working process

Working Process

What We Do


Regulatory Guidance

Navigating the complex landscape of medical device regulations in Bangladesh is essential for successful importation and distribution

Trade Shows and Events

Participating in industry-specific trade shows and events provides a valuable platform to showcase your medical equipment, connect with potential partners, and stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the Bangladeshi healthcare market.

Market Research

Conducting thorough market research is the foundation for making informed decisions and identifying opportunities in the dynamic medical equipment sector of Bangladesh.

Lobbying and Government Relations

Establishing positive relations with government authorities in Bangladesh is crucial for navigating regulatory changes and fostering an environment conducive to the import and distribution of medical devices.

Promotion and Advocacy

Building strong relationships with healthcare professionals and institutions and advocating for the benefits of your medical devices can enhance market penetration and trust among stakeholders in Bangladesh.

Export/Import Assistance

Engaging with experienced customs brokers and trade facilitators can streamline the import/export process, ensuring compliance with regulations and efficient movement of medical equipment to and from Bangladesh.

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